So many good shows this 2018, what an amazing journey!


This is our Top 10. Probably it is different from any other one you will find, but these are the shows that, for us, said something new, fresh and different, this year.

We can't wait to hear your favourites too.





Sedos' Pippin deserves to be in this list.

First, because Pippin is a good musical with beautiful songs. Second, because this joyful, energetic and modern version of Sedos was never less than excellent and third, because Joe Thompson-Oubari (read our interview here) as Pippin and Corin Miller as Lead Player were outstanding. Well done, Sedos.

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 Feel is an original play, written by James Lewis and directed by David Brady, about relationships in London, today. 

It is a modern story about two couples. Jamie, Naomi, Karen and Nick are people like us. We share with them the same lifestyle, the same neuroses.

Are we still able to FEEL what is inside us?

Review here

Interview with Jonathon George  here



                          NOT TALKING



Not talking is the first play by Mike Bartlett and it is the story of two couples: James and Lucy (David Horovitch and Kika Markham) and Mark and Amanda (Lawrence Walker and Gemma Lawrence). Apparently the two couples have nothing in common, but life moves in mysterious ways sometimes.

Review here

Interview with Lawrence Walker here



                BROKEN WINGS



Broken Wings is the musical about the life of Kahlil Gibran, who was a Lebanese-American writer, and is the third best-selling poet of all time.

It arrived in the West End like a breath of fresh air: beautiful songs and different atmospheres for a show that will have a new life in 2019 (and we are very happy about it!)

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Written by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins, the musical about the geek Eugene is a winner poker of catchy songs, funny story, 80s nostalgia and a great cast

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 Sam and Mark meet again one year after breaking up. But ghosts from the past start hunting the couple again and the hard truth comes out minute after minute. Joshua Glenister and Harriet Clarke give a terrific performance in this play, written by Jack West, that raises universal questions about love, relationship, death, loss and bereavement, which turn it from comedy into an intense, solid, punching drama

Review here

Interview with Joshua Glenister here







Henry VIII's six wives finally get to take to the mic and tell her own story for the very first time. And this witty, hilarious, sassy and empowering musical has become a hit in a second.

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Love, friendship, bereavement, politic, memory, family, diversity, racism, homosexuality and sense of identity.

Eleven brilliant actors for Philip Ridley's poignant and emotional story, delivered with humour.

An unforgettable, splendid play: without any doubts, the biggest surprise and the best fringe show of the year for us!

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Interview with James Downie here

Interview with Josh Horrocks here





An epic play, written by Matthew Lopez, about being gay, sex and love, the value of friendship, the age gaps, HIV, and much more. There is so much in this play. But most of all, there is heart. The best play of the year.

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                 THE RINK



Terrific cast (impossible not to mention Caroline O'Connor, Gemma Sutton and Stewart Clarke), amazing choreography by Fabian Aloise, a beautiful, emotional story and a fantastic score for this musical that opened in New York in 1984 and arrived in London for its first revival in 30 years. Pure joy to watch!  

The best show of the year!

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Thanks to Jacopo Gilone for the artwork