Eugenius takes us back to the 80s with the geek Eugene, who tries to write comic super hero books and is discovered by a Hollywood producer who wants to make him the writer of his new movie. But at what price?


Eugenius, the musical written by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins, has started its second run with a new design, a new cast and some new music too.


The 80’s feeling is still there and combined with addictive songs and a wonderful cast, makes the right combination for a great night out at the theatre. Rob Houcen is perfect as a naïve and geek Eugene; Laura Baldwin and Daniel Buckley keep the spirit of the musical high with their hilarious performances.


So, because we already talked a lot about Eugenius, and because what you are looking for from our blog is to understand if the show is worth it or not, we have decided to give you a list to decide if this musical is the right one for you or you should avoid it.

You can’t miss Eugenius! only if you fall into one (or more) of these 20 categories:

1 – you want to see an uplifting show with catchy songs and beautiful ballads

2 – you are a fan of the 80s

3 – you are a fan of superheroes

4 – you want to enjoy the performance of a young and extremely talented cast

5 – you think that a smile and some irony can sweep away everything bad from your day

6 – you wonder what is the difference between a skilled actress and a super hot lady

7 – you believe in the power of love

8 – you are a comic book geek

9 – you want to support British musicals

10 - you don’t mind if the person sitting next to you will sing along all the songs of the show

11 – you believe there is a hero inside yourself

12 – you saw the first run and you want to see if Rob Houcen is geek enough to be Eugene

13 – you like teenage stories

14 – you want to forget about Brexit and Trump and be taken away to another dimension for one night

15 – you don’t shoot for the stars, but you want to shoot higher

16 – you are not afraid to do the Eugenius dance with other 300 people in the same room

17 – you never saw fish people before

18 -  you want to take your mother to a show and test her sense of humour

19 – you loved it the first time and want to see what has changed

20 – if you want to see a musical written and performed with the heart that will leave you with a smile until you get back home



Eugenius! is at The Other Palace until 21 October.



Photos: Scott Rylander