Joshua Glenister

I must admit, I did not hear about Joshua before seeing “Wine” at Tristan Bates Theatre. My fault. But the play and his performance really captivated me (you can read the review here) so I thought: why not find out a little more about him?


Hi Joshua, we saw you recently in London in the play “Wine”. What did you like about it and is there any chance to see it again?

I loved that “Wine” created a discussion. There are subtle things that allow you to empathise with both characters and though you may agree with one more strongly you still feel for the other. Also playing a character as broken as Mark is always a challenge and joy as an actor.

With regards to whether Wine will be coming back. We as a company certainly hope so, however at this stage there is nothing confirmed

I saw you made few commercials for 3 Italy. You must have spent some time there. How was your experience in Italy? Have you learnt any words (a part from pizza and pasta)?

I love Italy. The people I've had the pleasure to work with have always been very accommodating towards me, but particularly the subtle cultural differences, even as simple as the way you drink coffee just comes across much cooler than the way us British tend to. I've learnt a couple of words and phrases. However as I learnt most of those from chefs when I worked in restaurants, I don't think they'll be very appropriate

What is the last play/musical/series that you have seen?

I think one of my favorite shows I have seen recently is a TV show called Lovesick on Netflix. Particularly season 2 when the characters become more rounded. The humor just sits well.

What is next for you?

I'm currently in rehearsals for a show called Wonderland that will be at the Nottingham Playhouse. Its Adam Penfords first show as the Playhouses new artistic director, that the fantastic cast makes it a very exciting project. I am sure there'll be more of Luca (the character of 3 commercials) in the pipeline also.


Well guys, Joshua is a great actor (with a good sense of humor – which is something I always appreciate). Let’s keep an eye on him because I am sure good things are coming for him!


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