If you end up on this page it means you love theatre! These theatre reviews will help you navigate which theatre shows are must see's and which might be a miss.

Last year I attended more than 100 shows in London. Some amazing, some others great, others so so, others a complete waste of time. I want to share my passion for theatre with you, and create a place where we can discuss all the shows we get to see in this great city.

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A Christmas Carol - Review - Middle Temple Hall

The classic tale is brought to life in the magnificent historical London setting  more  

The Little Prince - Review - The Place

A new adaptation to the classic tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry   more  

FITTER - Review - Soho theatre

A rugby ball’s soft, a hockey stick’s hard, what does that make me?  more  

Thriller Live - Review - Lyric Theatre

Peter Andre performs in MJ's tribute  more  

Random - Review - Tristan Bates Theatre

Random don't happen to everybody. So how come random happen to him?  more  

Joan of Leeds - Review - New Diorama Theatre

The premiere of Breach Theatre’s first ever Christmas show   more