If you end up on this page it means you love theatre like me! These theatre reviews will help you navigate what theatre shows are must see's and what ones might be a miss.

Last year I attended more than 100 shows in London. Some amazing, some others great, others so so, others a complete waste of time. I want to share my passion for theatre with you, and create a place where we can discuss all the shows we get to see in this great city.

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Kinky Valentines! Review

A brilliant night of cabaret just in time for valentines day with the cast of Kinky Boots.  more  

Again Theatre Review: Two Stars

I usually enjoy family dramas but this one had a poor plot and I did not understand or get the premise of the production despite the efforts of the well assorted cast.  more  

The Moor Theatre Review: Three Stars

Essentially a very good play, I just have doubts about the plausibility of the story and telling the difference between dream and reality.  more  

Eugenius Musical Review: Five Stars

Taking you back to the 80's full of Comic book super hero's and Hollywood producers. This is A LOT of fun. A must see, don't miss it!  more  

The Girl And The Moon Theatre Review: Three Stars

Simple and effective staging with brilliant characters but lacked a deeper exploration of the topic.  more  

The Divide Theatre Review: Three Stars

A great play but looses strength and too long at four hours...  more  

Hot Lips and Cold War Musical Review: Five Stars

This musical is superb and you should not miss it.  more  

Satyagraha Theatre Review: Four Stars

I didn't understand a word and sometimes I felt confused but my eyes and ears went back home very satisfied!  more  

Screaming Secrets Review: Two Stars

We got annoyed by this ocean of screamed words after 20 minutes and could not find the sense of the play, if there is one.  more