Tristan Bates Theatre



This play is written by Alexander Matthews, writer and philosopher, and is about a birthday party of Antonio, a young philosopher, who finds to have a terminal leukemia. Around him, his girlfriend Monika, his friend and doctor Simon, a friend publisher Hugo, the sister Gina and the father Alessandro.

All of them talk loud, most of the time scream (so probably that is where the title was originated from), argue and fight against each other.

The point of this messy play is that is not understandable what they are talking about, and to who, and why. And to complicate everything, the language is difficult to follow, full of philosophical quotes. The actors are energic but it is impossible to sympathise with any of the carachters. All the play seemed a caricature. We got annoyed by this ocean of screamed words after 20 minutes and could not find the sense of the play, if there is one.


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