(Press Night) London Coliseum


Satyagraha is a contemporary opera sung all in Sanskrit with no dialogue and that last 3 hours and 20 minutes. Really?? Yes, really. But it is beautiful.

It is a meditation about the life of Gandhi and about his concept of non-violent protest as a change.

The music is hypnotic and goes inside you as long as each song is sung. There are so many people on the stage and the sound of their voices surrounds you.

The lights, giant paper peoples and animals, costumes and special effects are simply amazing and I have to admit I did not feel the show was that long.

I did not understand the meaning of the songs (as I don’t speak Sanskrit), many parts of the show and the symbolisms of some acts (most of the scenes are symbolic) and at times I felt confused about what was happening, but, hey, my eyes and my ears went back home very satisfied!


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