The Other Palace


Eugenius takes us back to the 80’s with the geek Eugenie who tries to write comic super hero books and is noted by a Hollywood producer who wants to make him the writer of his new movie. But at what cost?

So, this musical is a lot of fun. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I probably laughed for 2 hours without stopping, and I was wondering how could the girl sitting next to me know all the songs? Maybe because this show is so good that you might want to come back again.

I loved the 80’s aura of the musical, the kind of Barbra-Janet-Flashdance citations and the songs are of course very catchy. All the cast was great (all of them), and a special mention to the trio Liam Forde, Laura Baldwin and Daniel Buckley, simply perfect in their different roles. 

Fun, fun, lot of fun. Don’t miss it.

 Kevin the Robot performed by Mark Hamill in Eugenius the musical

The voice of Kevin the Robot performed by Mark Hamill, famous for Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga.

 publicity images for Eugenius the musical

 stage for eugenius the musical



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