The Courtyard Theatre


This play is an hymn to love done by a 17 years old girl Claire (Isla Jackson-Ritchie) who is so sure about her love for Ed (Tom Chapman) that she want to go to the moon and write his name there, so their love will be eternal.

It was sweet to hear Claire talking about love, a reminder of how we felt our chest exploding when we fell in love for the first time. But there is not just love in this; it is also about mental health in young people and abusive relationships (is that really love?)

I liked the simple and effective staging and use of lights. Isla Jackson did a good job as a struggling Claire and so Ed Chapman – I really loved his hypnotic voice when he was singing.

But probably important topics as depression and physical abuse would require a better explanation and a deeper exploration that the play (maybe because of the length) missed.

 Key moments from the girl and the moon play

 Images from the girl and the moon play


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