If you end up on this page it means you love theatre! These theatre reviews will help you navigate which theatre shows are must see's and which might be a miss.

Last year I attended more than 100 shows in London. Some amazing, some others great, others so so, others a complete waste of time. I want to share my passion for theatre with you, and create a place where we can discuss all the shows we get to see in this great city.

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at a time

Passing - Review - Park Theatre

Is it Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Appreciation?  more  

On Railton Road - Review - Museum of the Home

A celebration of queer community and standing together against oppression  more  

ShakeItUp Shakespeare - Review - The Turbine Theatre

Improvising a Shakespearean play – what could go wrong?!   more  

Sputnik Sweetheart - Review - Arcola Theatre

Haruki Murakami’s story of love and loneliness is adapted for the stage  more  

Island Movements - Royal Opera House

The show is the centre piece of the Black British Ballet project  more  

Rip Van Winkle - Review - Hoxton Hall

The Operetta returns to London after 140 years  more  

Boy Parts - Review - Soho Theatre

The play is adapted by Gillian Greer and directed by Sara Joyce  more  

Heathers The Musical - Review - New Wimbledon Theatre

A truly special show, whenever and wherever you to see it  more