Great fun for young, old, and everything in between, Radio GaGa is a fabulous evening out! If you've always enjoyed the theatre experience but have been suppressing the urge to sing along (note: please continue to suppress said urge at most musicals unless asked!), this is the event for you. Radio Gaga is a Queen tribute performance, where the band rock out to Queen hits over 2 acts and the audience are encouraged to engage much like an actual rock concert. Mark Sanders' Freddy Mercury leads the band and encourages singing, clapping, and dancing from the audience at every appropriate turn while dressed in an array of Mercury's most well-known costumes (including the famous I Want to Break Free music video look); Jon Caulton, Richard Ashford, Ben Parkinson, and Michael Richards put on a fantastic show as the band, all incredibly musically talented!

The set lists themselves are generally great, Act 1 a little stronger than Act 2 which is a (very small) shame, though some of the lesser-known hits are placed at jarring intervals which occasionally slows momentum, but would probably serve to delight the most hardcore Queen fans. Tye Connolly's epic lighting design accompanies the performances beautifully, energising the atmosphere and making the audience feel part of the action. It must be noted that there is a slight lack of charisma from certain band members, and the chemistry between them on stage is missing a little, but that's hardly a criticism that stays with you or is even noticed, as Sanders' charisma and natural stage-presence is enough to cover the whole band and more! He instantly builds a warm rapport with the audience, recreating Freddie's beloved gestures, habits, and iconic call-and-response game with effortless flare. 

What this show does really well is its honouring of Queen themselves - the group clearly have a deep respect for the band, and it never feels like they're attempting to pretend to be them, only recognise the amazing talent and impact made on the music industry and British history. 

Certain moments of the performance even moved people to tears - it really is a very special evening.
Though no longer at the Adelphi, Radio GaGa continues to tour the UK until 26th January - catch it if you can! 

Review: Penny Lane