Matthew Campling’s play is a clever farce about love and lust set in a house in Islington, played across two timelines (one is 1936, the other just before the Brexit Referendum) with a supernatural theme. 

The action switches smoothly from one timeline to the other with a perfect pace.


The cast is great, playing effectively the different characters in the different times. Sioned Jones is impeccable (and very funny) as Lady Millicent and Joshua Glenister shines as always. We knew he was versatile (check the chat we had with him few months ago here), but he is simply awesome in the part of Ian and of the Ghost.


Even if the end is somehow predictable, Ghost about the house has it all: it is witty, campy, moving, with a great comic timing, social critique and a touch of drama. Don’t miss it. Unless you are scared of ghosts (or voted Leave).