The Tap Pack are 5 guys from Australia (check my interview here) who are bringing an all dance, all sing show in London.

Basically, it is a tap dance show with some songs and a live band on stage.

Jesse, Sean, Thomas J, Ben and Max seem to have great fun and the audience enjoy this energy and the honesty of these performers. The dancing is really great, stronger than the singing. Songs go the classical ones like Can’t take that away from me, Night and day, The lady is a tramp, Straighten up and fly right to something more modern, like Runaway baby (Bruno Mars), Wonderwall (Noel Gallagher) and Perfect (Ed Sheran).

 No doubts these guys are really talented and I can say that this is a show for everybody (there were some kids near me who were having so much fun!)

The Tap Pack is great, humorous, feel good, first class show. Pure entertainment!