There is a new singalong party you may want to check out in Central London. The Piano Works, a music venue a bit hidden amid the main streets of St James area, has just started a different programme to enjoy a good night of entertainment where the audience plays a main part. The guests can request songs, from pop hits, to musicals, from rock pieces, to unforgettable scores, and everyone is invited to sing along with the performers. There are specific nights, like the theatre takeover featuring a West End star on Mondays or the movie special on Wednesdays for reliving the iconic musical moments of your favourite films, but otherwise from Thursday to Saturday it’s a pleasing medley of tunes and vocals.


The tables are set in a reserved part of the venue, to guarantee a cosier atmosphere for the event. There are two options available: a dining choice, offering a menu of traditional pub dishes, and a drink-only one, both coming with a well assorted list which includes cocktails, wines, and beers.


The winning factor is definitely the friendly vibes. The enthusiastic waiters are all very talented singers who, from time to time, alternate with the main performers to gift exceptional numbers. And after breaking the ice with some well-known pieces, the whole room is naturally swayed to simply engage in the experience of singing along altogether. There are no set rules as whether it is more appropriate to stick to the chorus or intone all the verses: as much as you feel involved, you will get the most out of it. It is likely the majority will participate with some friends, but it may turn out as a wonderful night out as well for a single person, as the shared atmosphere is soon to be felt and there is plenty of room to enjoy.


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Review: Cristiana Ferrauti