Gingerline are back with what they defined a sensational journey to date, The Grand Expedition.
You receive a text message at 4 Pm telling you the secret (not anymore, at that point) location. And once you enter the warehouse, you become an aeronaut going on a timeless journey, beyond the clouds and back, for five fantastical food courses.
We cannot (and don’t want to) give too many details about the evening, but once you enter through this magical door, you are seated at your table (shared with another 6 to 10 people) and the journey begins.
The show is a fusion of live animation, dance display, fantastic food and beautiful set design, with a 360 degree projection.
The performers (Rosalie Bell, Andrea Golinucci, Robert Keates, Cameron Lee-Allen, Jonathan Mewett, Janina Smith) dance, act and nicely involve the audience to participate in the show, and they do it remarkably for three hours! They excel in embodying the essence of each place we travel to and in making us part of that world, and although there is beauty in simplicity I feel the the overall story line of the event could have been developed much more instead of staying quite fable-like from start to end.
Now, I have been to immersive dinners before, and sometimes I had to stop to a Subway on my way home. This is not the case of The Grand Expedition. Five countries, five different types of delicious, filling and impeccably cooked food.
So: go there, relax, make friends and enjoy a night of great food and entertainment.