Written and Directed by Max Kingdom, and produced by We are Kingdom, My Mental Breakdown is a new musical about men’s mental health, and follows the story of Toby, a young man with hidden demons. 

We all know mental health is a big issue in our country: one in six people has experienced depression and anxiety, and the prevalence has raised significantly during the pandemic. 


Max Kingdom wrote the musical to help people understand what is a very complex and difficult subject. “The NHS may want to help, but can’t. And poor mental health can be contagious” he said. 


Toby (Joshua Glenister) is unable to be honest about how he feels without feeling emasculated. He left the university, he doesn’t see his friends anymore, he spends his day in his bed, not eating, not sleeping. He is unable to ask for help and unable to speak to his partner Jess (Ally Ambrose) or his mother (Justine Marie Mead). He pushes away his support network and he finds himself alone, fighting with “The Dark” (Harry Winchester). 

My Mental Breakdown does not have a narrative or a storyline: it is more a journey into Toby’s mind and his existential crisis through music, songs and movement.  

It is an honest, different, dark, at times moving look at the destructive forces inside our minds but also an invite to take care of each other. Because Toby can be any of us. 


The show is sponsored by LNER in support of its mental health campaign.


It runs until 22 January.