Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a rocket heading to the moon with a cat inside. Puss In Moon Boots is this year's interactive fun film from Sleeping Trees that will have the whole family laughing out loud and shouting at the television.

James Dunnell-Smith, Joshua George Smith and John Woodburn play themselves at the beginning, setting the scene with their 'annual Christmas living room adventure'.
The trio creates it by using the Christmas presents that we see them unwrap which is quite fun and clever because it makes it seem like the whole thing is spontaneous and so it adds that extra element of excitement for the children.

And so the adventure begins which each of them playing a whole array of characters including Santa, some of his reindeers, Puss, Jack and Jill, Tweedledum and Tweedledee and Hansel and Gretel and so many more.
When children around the world wake up to no presents on Christmas morning will all the festivities be cancelled or can Puss and Project Spacecat save the day?

No Christmas film or panto is complete without a baddie and Puss In Moon Boots is no exception. Dorth Clawz is the one who has stolen all the presents and it's up to Puss to try and get them back...with the help of everyone watching at home of course.

This seasonal space adventure is great for the whole family with audience participation throughout. It's just under an hour long and it went so fast. It's very creative, so witty and promises to bring out everyone's inner child. And even though it's a film when you're watching it actually feels like it's a live performance.

You'll need a couple of things for your space journey, but have no fear, James, Joshua and John will let you know what you need and you won't even have to hit pause on the remote control.

My little niece loved this film so much she barely looked away from the screen and was on her feet for most of it as she completely immersed herself into all the interactive elements.

There are lots of themes for children interwoven in this film too which I thought was a great touch like determination and self-belief.

The show is being streamed until the 10th of January and if the kids love it, your ticket means you can watch the show unlimited times for a month.

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Review: Sunita Jaswal