Karen Ruimy stars in this fiery fusion of jazz and flamenco, combining her love for flamenco dancing and jazz singing. An enjoyably nostalgic trip back to fifties style songs interludes with pure flamenco genius from the band. 


Karen Ruimy, a former banker and now artist and humanitarian, displays clear talent in her singing and dancing abilities, not to mention an impressive command of both the French and English language in prose. Her voice is somewhat drowned out by the sound of the band and the costume changes, though exciting, creating a slight lull between sets. Paco Hidalgo Calero and Lyndon Lloyd are undeniably impressive with their Flamenco and Jazz dancing talents, creating a resounding atmosphere at the Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis Studio. 

Throughout the seventy-minute show, the songs vary between modern classics, such as Lana Del Rey’s Video Games and Dream a Little Dream, that are performed with a classical jazz twist. Though enjoyable, they did not compare to the pure Nuevo Flamenco instrumental songs paired with masterly tap and Flamenco dance. 


Though impressive, Karen Ruimy could have commanded a greater stage presence with more initial confidence at the start of the show, however, this does not distract from Ruimy’s patent talent and hard work. The outfit changes could have been done with a smoother transition or perhaps been a part of a narrative to ease their desultory nature. 

Despite this, ‘When Jazz Meets Flamenco’ is an enjoyable evening of two wonderful music forms and a plethora of talent from everyone on stage. 


Review: Bibi Lucille