Directed by Bronagh Lagan, Little Women revolves around the story of the four March Sisters.  Headstrong Jo, soft and romantic Meg, sickly Beth and the beautiful Amy, each following their own journeys on the road to self-discovery with a dash of romance and love, in all its forms, thrown in for good measure.

There are many touching moments intertwined with comedic incidents, Laurie (the benefactor) Sev Keoshgerian is a vehicle for slapstick humour and the butt of many jokes but in all good humour, he is a very likeable character and perfectly matched with Jo, Lydia White who is everything that you want a heroine to be, outspoken, gutsy, dramatic and full of flair.

One of the points that I particularly liked was that each character whilst staying true to the role was able to reflect their personality into it.  Hana Ichijo  as Meg is my 'one to watch' – having graduated from ArtsEd this year, she portrayed the eldest March elegantly, prettily and charismatically.

Anastasia Martin in the role of Beth was tender and warm, a likeable gentle soul and her duet with sister Jo 'Some Things Are Meant To Be' left not one audience member with a dry eye. It is something magical when you get lost in the rawness of a play and this was one such moment. Amy (Mary Moore) and Marmee (Savannah Stevenson) have intricate moments of intimacy between them; allowing the audience to involve itself more in the piece.

This adaption of the play is delightful although be warned, it is a long piece, running at almost three hours.  The set and costume design by Nik Corrall and lighting design by Ben M Rogers perfectly complement each other.  A nod should be given towards Sarah Golding for the glorious choreography. 

Little Women is a wonderful night out at a lovely theatre and I can't think of any better words than: just perfect.

It runs until 19 December.

Review: Kay Johal     Photo: Pamela Raith.