Be prepared to think outside the box while you’re literally inside one. The immersive extravaganza that is ‘The Drop’ will take you on an exhilarating wild journey in a lift but don’t worry though, it won’t go into freefall or anything, as the name may suggest, or will it? 

When you’re in the thick of it you’ll need to think on your feet and act fast if you can because the pressure will be on. Solve the umpteen clues in your group to complete your challenge, which only really becomes apparent to you during this amazingly slick and sophisticated experience. 

It’s a race against time to find a long-lost book before it gets into the wrong hands. Your unique experience will begin unfolding as you start conquering the clues.  

I can’t give too much away – because it will ruin the surprises that you’re in store for. That’s what makes this so unique. It’s just so cleverly put together and the attention to detail is an artistic triumph. Who knew rummaging around in a lift could be so much fun and so frightful at the same time?! 

But not all the action takes place in the lift though. Somehow, you might even find yourself in a work office or even a perfume shop where your smell senses are awakened with some lovely scents. 

But whatever you do and wherever you end up it will be an experience you’ll want to repeat. I don’t think it matters what you do during the whole experience, you’ll still have those woulda coulda shoulda feelings as you play everything back in your mind afterwards. And you might think twice before getting in a lift again – I know I did. 

All the twists and turns and the thrilling moments that make you jump make ‘The Drop’ so exciting. You won’t be able to predict what will happen next, so don’t bother trying, just enjoy what the creative directors have put together because the whole thing is so stimulating that you’ll totally forget it’s not even real.  

Make sure one of you has a charged-up phone because, trust me, it will come in handy, not just practically but it also becomes part of your experience in a very natural way. 

The maximum group size is 4 of you and you’ll stay together during the experience. Choose your team of family/friends/partners wisely for this task because this is where teamwork really will make the dream work as you’ll all be relying on each other. 

‘The Drop’ is a Swamp Motel special for the immersive entertainment company and I will be looking out for their future work. 

This detailed, well-crafted and well-executed immersive escape experience is on until 31st December in Aldgate and might even be extended into 2022. Grab your tickets while you can, you won’t regret it. 

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Review: Sunita Jaswal    Photo: Mark Senior



Multi-award-winning immersive theatre makers Swamp Motel will transport audiences into London’s criminal underworld with the world premiere of live, heart-pounding adventure, The Drop.

In 1912, two London bookbinders were commissioned to create a luxurious jeweled binding for a book that became known as The Great Omar. Hugely valuable, the book was purchased by a buyer and was packed safely aboard a boat bound for New York. On the 15 of April 1912 the HMS Titanic sank along with the book and a sea of secrets were never recovered. Until now…