Compelling, haunting and electric, The Sugar House is the show of the year. A whirlwind of heartbreak and discovery, this play takes its audience on an unforgettable journey. 


The opening scene begins with a woman standing in an empty house, being coldly shown around by a real estate agent. Her face shows signs of recognition but without giving too much away, only enough to hold our curiosity. The lights change. We are introduced to a whirlwind of characters detailing this woman’s life; which we soon find out is her childhood home. 


The audience are taken on a nostalgically indelible tale of this woman’s family and the dynamics of her past life as she grew up in poverty. The chemistry between every single cast member is electrifying and unfaltering, throwing us into their broken world. Through laughter and tears, The Sugar House shows us so much about life and love and what it means to love a family through the best and worst of times. 


A mention must go out to all the cast members, for they all give to each other so generously in their performances to a point where it’s hard to believe this is acting and not a window into a real family’s life. Lea Dube as Jenny, Adam Fitzgerald as Ollie, Jessica Zerlina Leafe as Nurelle, Fiona Skinner as Margo, Patrick Toomey as Sidney and Janine Ulfane as June are all hypnotic in their performances. The dynamics, emotion and life they give to their characters are unmatched to anything I’ve ever seen. 


Not forgetting the beautiful direction from Tom Brennan, breathing life to the breathtaking script by Alana Valentine. Honest, empathetic and life-changing, this will be the most memorable few hours you may have. 


The Sugar House runs until the 20th November. 


Review: Bibi Lucille         Photo: Panela Raith