The Vaults introduce the incredible immersive ‘drag-tastic’ burlesque show to give you one of the most enjoyable nights we have all been waiting for. Written and directed by the fierce drag queen, Shay Shay, a hilarious cast bring us a story where Disney’s Mulan meets Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge in this unforgettable immersive performance.


The audience are immediately immersed in the performance as soon as they walk through the doors. Christine Ting’s incredible set design allows for all attendees to forget they are in Central London and not the heart of China with every inch of the room designed with cultural detail, skill and perfection. Later being taken through to the ‘Moulin Rouge’, the audience are amazed by the appearance of the legendary Parisian windmill, luxurious stages, and sexual atmosphere. With audiences given the dress code of ‘a hot Paris night at the Mulan Rouge’, the room is filled with glitz and glam in every corner.


The show highlights the beauty of pride with sexual orientation and gender being whatever you want it to be in this ‘burning hot’ story. With an audience of different generations, sexualities, genders and nationalities, the room was electrified with a celebration of identity. It has to be noted that this is not your everyday usual show, but an amalgamation of drag, panto, burlesque, cabaret, and dining experience, which is an artistic choice that is rarely done to the standard of Mulan Rouge.


The evening does not stop with the hilarious performances, as you are also given the option to dine in the ‘Moulin Rouge’ itself. Brought to you by Flavourology, four flavoursome courses are served to you throughout the night. With strict attention to dietary requirements, everyone can enjoy high-quality food at beautifully set tables ‘fit for an Empress’. Although some attendees are sat rather close to one another, which may not be suitable for those wishing to socially distance, you are immersed within the scenes which happen around you from every angle. Even the well-stocked bar has themed cocktails for you to enjoy with your meal.


Ticket prices range from £45-£60 for general admission. Considering the central location and standard of food that attendees receive, in the incredible atmosphere that a general restaurant could never provide, this is an exceptional price alongside the performance itself.

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Review: Anna Hulm