Stay at home, but go out to work. That was the advice from our Prime Minister in March 2020. Whilst the majority of industries adapted to the new normal, the curtain dropped and theatres were plunged into darkness.

Matchborough Theatre in its ever resourcefulness takes the brave step of staging a very loose retelling of The Wizard of Oz (with the slight issue of not enough money in the coffers for the Scarecrow, TinMan or Lion). The shop assistant at Leonardes News auditions for Dorothy whilst balancing the loss of her father in the first wave and wondering how to pay for his funeral.

Going the Distance highlights just how big an impact theatre has on ordinary folk, in a warm and witty way.

Featuring a stellar cast including Matthew Kelly, Sarah Hadland and Shobna Gulati with a special guest appearance from Terry as Toto, we get to enjoy traditional theatre with a snippet of behind the scenes fun.

A thought-provoking piece and as the closing credits state, inter alia, that we fight to see another day.




Review: Kay Johal            Photo: Dennis Madden and James Rees