Sexquisite Events bring us NSFW (Not Safe For Work) - a show streamed online detailing unique experiences of sex workers, created and performed by sex workers.

The piece comprises several vignettes and sketches ranging from introspective to comedic in a something for everyone style of delivery.
The audience is treated as an outsider, a voyeur, and an ignorant one at that. However, this is a well-meaning and intrinsic tactic, in an industry with a dangerous stigma attached to it, these women have found a platform in which to tell their histories, their lives, and their truths. Now they want their audiences to affect their futures.

At moments the message felt a little muddled as different stories created some upsetting images and scenarios, but on the whole, it felt obvious that this show was not just an insight into a different perspective, but an urgent appeal to the masses.
If I was not convinced before, I definitely was afterwards: Sex work is work.

Get these women some funding and let's spread the word!

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Review: Vivienne King