Adjusting my smart blazer and making sure my shoes are polished, I turned up for my first day at work with the infamous Stromboli; the tech company that is taking over the world. I am one of the lucky ones in the plum role of User Experience Tester working on a highly confidential project. 

 Reflecting back on the tale of Pinocchio, Chronic Insanity have struck gold with audience interactivity in this stimulating, in every sense, digital theatre experience. 

If you had a dream job, but were faced with choices – do the right thing or knowingly sabotage, what would you do?

PNOC.IO is an interesting watch.  The audience comes away with resonance, playing this game will sit with you long after its Game Over.


It is available until 6 August here.


From puppet to pixels, explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence within society, reflecting on the power and influence of tech companies in our everyday lives, for better or for worse.


Michelle Michaels - PNOC

Jack Henderson - Kyle Palmer (Human Resources)

Vimal Korpal - Dr Yaseen (Head Ethicist)

Abbi Davey - Dr Mason (Head Behavioural Scientist)

Iain Gibbons - Dr Grouse (Behavioural Scientist and UX Researcher)
Miles Kinsley - Dr Tindall (Computer Scientist and Ethicist)


Review: Kay Johal