‘What is love, what is it actually, is it Romeo and Juliet, Mother and Son’…. this is what Dorian Gray is pondering. 

Feeling the guilt of the passing of his mother, the secret lovechild whose very existence had been hidden from the world, sells his soul to the devil and is stuck in eternal adolescence.  Adored by most, loved by many but insular and, at times, alone and lonely, he is somewhat led astray by the villains of the piece, Lord and Lady Henry who show him hedonism and take advantage of Dorian’s vulnerability. In equal measure, however, showing much love is Basil, the painter commissioned to portray Dorian in all his glory.  

Oscar Wilde’s piece is bought to life in the heart of Mayfair (filmed at a secret location) with a young and intriguing cast.  Bart Lambert has sunk his teeth into this meaty tomb and brings tone and depth to his portrayal with a soft lilt to his voice that matches.  Much applause should be given to Lewis Rae, showing unrequited love in all its glory.  

You can watch the show here.


Review: Kay Johal   Photo: Stream.Theatre