Serving very well for the purpose and contributing to the atmosphere of the circular staging, Pippin has arrived at Charing Cross Theatre, reimagined and directed by Steven Dexter.

Full of energy, bright colours and high jinx, this hippy trip is just the sugar rush that is required after a long absence from the West End.

The story of Pippin is saliently a young prince searching for his life’s true meaning and, inter alia, significance. We are introduced to the musical with the bouncy song ‘There is magic to do’ setting the scene nicely for the story to unfold. The beauty of this piece is the melting pot of dance, expression, lyrics and melody. It is easy to get lost in such a mesmerising swirl of colours, brightness and vigour all set in the summer of love and peace, 1967.

Ian Carlyse as Leading Player is suited to the part, he broke the fourth wall with ease. Stand out vocals for me was ‘Corner of the Sky’ by Ryan Anderson as Pippin. It seems that this cast was perfectly matched and they worked seamlessly and cohesively.

Given that this is such a small cast, there was no room for error and each cast member supported the other.

Pippin is well worth a watch, it is a short run and it allowed me to feel the joy and love.


It runs until 14th August. Tickets here.


Review: Kay Johal   Photo: Edward Johnson