When former lovers Alex (Claire Price) and Jason (Bo Poraj) meet at their university reunion, Alex decides to try and rekindle their relationship for one more night, after all it could be fun and exciting.  However, some ideas are best left in the imagination. Inviting herself back to the student house now owned by Jason the wine flows and her nostalgic view of their student days emerges. However, Jason’s recollection of events is different.

Desperately trying to hold onto a reality that Alex no longer recognises. She explains that by returning to the student house where she had once been happy with Jason, that she would find the person she once was hiding somewhere within the four walls. 

However, when ex tenant Alannah (Shannon Hayes) suddenly appears from upstairs after she had made her way into the house earlier that evening through the bathroom window any hope of a reconciliation for old time’s sake is now completely lost. 

Price’s touching heartfelt performance into the loss of oneself is something many women experience and can relate to as they hit a certain age and start questioning what they have done with their life. I certainly recognised parts of her character in myself.

Writer Deborah Bruce compassionately layered and weaved the different way people deal with grief throughout Raya. Combining humour, friendship, and the importance of memories within relationships past and present and how they impact everyone. From Alex’s loss of herself through menopause, her relationship with her husband, son Charlie, Alannah’s Father’s suicide to the devastating loss of Raya faced by Jason and his two daughters, one of which we meet briefly at the end, Grace (Elena Coleman). Bruce’s exploration into how we all deal with loss differently and sometimes in an unexpected way is outstanding.


It runs until 24 July.


Review: Elaine Chapman    Photo: Robert Day