The return of theatre after a dull and gloomy year is an undeniable feeling, particularly after only being able to turn to Netflix shows to keep us in high spirits. Ru Paul’s Drag Race has been a best friend to myself and many others in a time when singing, dance battles and b*tch slaps were sparse from our lockdown lives. Fortunately, Alyssa Edwards is not only bringing high spirits but high kicks as a live show in Memoirs Of A Queen. Her face is snatched and she is double vaxxed, ready to bring all the sass and stories to the Westend, sashaying her way from Mesquite, Texas.


Justin, otherwise known as Alyssa Edwards, appears in glitz and glam outfit changes one after the other, perfectly tailored and sparkling under the lights. She and her dancers bring energy, entertainment and effortless laughs consistently throughout the show. Whether it is a contemporary dance or a death drop, this show is no disappointment to her previous appearance on Drag Race. 


Aside from the showbiz dance routines and extravagant wigs, we are allowed into her memoirs of life before Alyssa, when she was ‘just Justin’. Her inspiring and sensitive stories about what it was like to grow up being gay felt necessary to deconstruct her confident and put-together façade as Alyssa. Especially as June is pride month too! The whole evening was the perfect way to be welcomed back to the Westend; my only complaint is that I wish we had a few more song and dances. The audience was committed to clapping and cheering along with every musical number, and I wish we had a few more to witness since Alyssa is…A Queen!

 At the Vaudeville Theatre for 8 shows only until 13 June 2021.


Review: Isabelle Tyner                Photo: Pamela Raith