Sarah Drake’s dulcet tones open up There Will Be Light, a streamed concert celebrating the end of the pandemic. Opening with Don’t Rain On My Parade she takes us on a whirlwind with her friends retelling songs in her distinctive style in an almost narrative style, introducing friends such as Rebecca Stanhouse with an anecdotal stance.

My highlight of the 45 minute show was I Wanna Dance With Somebody with Tavia Rivee the energy was lifted and I wholeheartedly echo Sarah - I want to go dance it all out. Ending the show was Solomon Jaye his beautiful smile lifting the tempo and had my toes tapping and my hands clapping along.

A wonderful assortment of songs performed with gusto. Well done indeed for supporting the theatre community and making space for the light to shine in.

You can watch There Will Be Light on YouTube here and you can donate to Acting For Others here.


Review: Kay Johal