The 90s: the music of that eclectic decade defies easy categorisation, but its cross-pollination of sounds left a legacy until today.

The 90s were the theme of this year West End Live Lounge. Organized by Shaun McCourt, the concert is to help Save the Children, an international organization that promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries,  improving their lives  through better education, health care, and economic opportunities, as well as provide emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts. It is very important to know this and to remind ourselves how lucky we are and how important it is to share what we have with people less fortunate than us.


West End Live Lounge is a strong event. No doubts about this. The concert goes usually sold out before the cast has been announced, and this can make you easily understand how big are the expectations and the excitement around it. Of course, many people like to help the Charity, but you know you can blindly buy a ticket knowing the line-up will be excellent.


And this time was not an exception. With a full band, led by Sam Coates, from the opening with an intense Zombie (The Cranberries) by Carolyn Maitland, to the great voice of  Landi Oshinowo with What’s up (4 non blondes), from the beautiful  Rob Fowler’s rendition of I wonder why (I've always had a thing for this Curtis Stigers’ song) to Britney Spears’ Hit me baby one more time, performed by Matthew Harvey with a completely different arrangement. Also,  Jordan Luke Gage singing Alanis Morrisette; Luke Bayer with Sinead O’Connor's  powerful ballad Nothing compares to you; the emotional duet between Sharon Sexton and Rob Fowler I won’t quit; Danielle Steers with Don’t speak; Nicole Dennis from Dreamgirls; the beautiful classy voice of Adam Bailey; Lauren Drew from Heathers with Whitney’s I’m your baby tonight, and many more.


There is something for everyone, in West End Live Lounge. In terms of artists, shows represented and musical choices, the night, that is hosted by hosted by Paul Taylor-Mills and Vikky Stone, is a real pleasure and an appointment that for many of us it is just unmissable.