….will always smell as sweet.  Meet Ernie, he has 11 followers on Instagram, one being Little Auntie, who isn’t in fact his Auntie. To further complicate matters, Ernie is in fact, Jamil.  Confused? Listen carefully….


Jamil is an actor from the north, the land of cobbles, ‘ey up duck’ and of course that famous institution, Nando’s. He is wanting to stretch his acting legs (his agents are industriously seeking out work for him), love that isn’t in the form of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and of course, fame. Set on a rom-com set, we see how the world unfurls for Jamil.  Does he get the girl of his dreams despite the cross-examination from his intended’s mother? Does the story of the bag left outside Sainsburys ever get solved?  


This re-working of a classic is fun, frothy, and at a time when theatres were in the dark, and provided a much-needed laugh, and laugh I did. Satirical throughout, a quirky and cute modern version of a classic but with twists featuring a strong cast, lots of character and an engaging story.

The show is available until 4th May. Tickets: here


Review: Kay Johal