Starting with a catchy song that gives the title to the show, and that it is now stuck in my mind, Too young to stay in, too young to go out is a one man show written and performed by Nigel Osner. Through monologues that embrace songs, poetry and storytelling, many are the aspects of the life of a mature person explored: work, love, infatuations, holidays, and even the gym. There is the rich man who falls in love with the hot gardener (money for affection), the lady who goes on a Danube cruise with a friend who drives her crazy, or a man having a night out in London and realising that he is too old for that type of nights. And many others.

Every character is introduced by Nigel with some anecdotes that help the audience connect with the story, and himself. Every story is brought to life elegantly by Nigel and there are many funny moments and good laughs.


Even if probably the reflection about what does really mean to be old and how challenging is not having all the opportunities like before could have been explored deeply, leaving me uncertain about what was the real message of the show, Too young to stay in, too old to go out is an entertaining hour with a clever script and a good performance from Nigel Osner.