Setting the scene, Sharon and Barry’s front room. Henry the Hoover is being pushed around; the cushions are plumped and the sound of the 80s are being heralded.

Bored of the monotony of lockdown and having dug out Sharon’s copy of Romeo & Juliet they respectively don the roles of Montague & Capulet but with a twist (hello Michael Gove!).

Full of topical punchlines, Bill Shakespeare’s words retold with the dulcet tones of the Geordie accent, this retelling is fun and lively and the ‘Romeo, oh Romeo’ speech was made fluid and concise, making easy work of a very heavy text. It should be noted that two people playing characters in a play within a play is no easy feat and was well executed.


The play is live online until 6 March 2021 here


Review: Kay Johal