Most of us are stuck at home right now, but Nod At The Fox use this time to their advantage with their brilliant audio experience, Breaking Up With Reality; a new project launched for the Living Record Festival 2021. Created and read by the company’s director, Eden Harbud, this 30-minute ‘love letter to reality’ provides a poetic and intimate setting with the listener, discussing our relationship with the strange world we are in right now, and the recent introduction with ‘NN’ – the new normal. 


Listening to this combination of spoken word, soundscapes and music, I am immersed in every second. Although not visual, the beautiful experience that is gifted to my ears feels relatable and honest with how many are struggling to connect or understand what reality is in this ever-changing world that we live in today. Identity is questioned; fear is present, not knowing how we feel that one day we could be less than two meters from our loved ones; realisation that sometimes distance can give us clarity. 


Harbud provides a perfect balance of soundscape and speech, allowing different atmospheres to grow and diminish throughout the piece. As well as being told a story, this is a time of questioning your own. 

Breaking Up With Reality is available to stream until 22 February and tickets are available to purchase at Standard or Deluxe Rates here


Review: Anna Hulm