Charles Court Opera bring their filmed rendition of Snow White in the Seven Months of Lockdown, with family friendly and adult-only versions of the production available to choose from to make it inclusive and versatile; depending on you and your company! Though the word ‘lockdown’ sends shivers down the spine of…most of the world; this enthusiastic cast put a twist on the dark times of Covid to revive their annual Christmas cheer and spread it to everyone at home too.


Amongst a few throw-away jokes, that only get lost due to the virtual form, the majority of the show is fast paced, entertaining and exactly what is wanted from a panto. Not only does the cast deliver outstanding singing and dance; but have also been able to maintain the interactive elements of traditional pantomime. This is successful, as the audience are presented with different options to choose from, to control the plot of the story. The time and effort of the set, costume and virtual set up are an asset to the production team.


Playfully nodding to our current climate of a Covid dominated world, this show feels relevant, contextually witty and festive in time of difficultly for many at this time of year. If we don’t laugh, we would cry, so let’s keep the jokes rolling. Jennie Jacobs’ rendition of The Wicked Queen is executed as the perfect panto villain, whilst John Savournin’s rich, deep voice comedically juxtaposes his role as Snow White. Though we all miss live theatre dearly, this is the next best thing to get involved in at Christmas time.


Snow White in Seven Months of Lockdown is available to stream until 31 December


Review: Isabelle Tyner