For reasons that remain unclear is set in the 90s in Rome.

The young and charming Hollywood screenwriter Patrick (Simon Haynes) and Conrad (Cory Peterson), a middle-aged Roman Catholic priest meet in the streets of the Eternal City. They go to lunch and strike up a rapport; Patrick invites Conrad back to his hotel room for drinks. A long conversation follows, with an unexpected twist.


It is beautiful to see a play where, as the story unravels, you get to know the characters through a clever, structured and intense conversation. And this is the beauty of this play, directed by Jessica Lazar: despite not much happens, the witty and subtle dialogues create a dark atmosphere that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, guessing the truth and what is really happening.

The great thing about fringe theatre – like this one – is that it is easy to get absorbed if the quality of the script matches the tense acting. And Simon and Corey, on stage for 90 minutes – do a really great job, showing realistically their emotions going deeper and deeper .


It is also very important how this play reflects on the effects of trauma and abuse, and on the power of forgiveness. Highly recommended.


For reasons that remain unclear is at The King's Head Theatre until 25 August