Years ago, looking for answers about life, I bought a book of Jean Guitton – French Catholic theologian - called Dieu et la Science, where the philosopher tried to answer the questions we all have about God and faith. It was a good book, but in some parts a bit obscure for me.


God 2.0 is a modern version of a religious Q&A. Ashley (Lissie Minnit) is a journalist (with some personal problems) chosen by God (Robbie Fletcher-Hill) for a live interview that will be broadcast worldwide. Yes, after thousands of years, God has decided to show himself to us, and to answer the questions coming from the audience. Basically, a live Q&A arranged with the help of a technician (Thomas Cardwell).


All the questions are relevant. There is the lady who asks why his young brother died accidentally hit by a car while crossing the street. There is a question about the meaning of life and one about the unicity of God.

There is another one about how can God look after everybody, or what He thinks about the (too many) countries where there is the death penalty for being homosexual, or of there is life after death and what type of life.

God answers in a clear and easy way, even when the journalist asks questions she should not ask and challenges Him on difficult topics like why children die, why people suffer or why they kill each other for religion.

Then, at the very end, when Ashley goes back home, she will find out why God chose her for the interview, and the answer is a life saver.


The play, written and directed by Andrew Bruce-Lockhart, is a really interesting concept, made even more engaging by the good acting. There are some parts that probably would need more exploration – the background of the journalist, the real reasons why God decided to appear to the world after all this time, or the impact that this epiphany has had.


Talking about God is never easy, especially if you don’t want to fall into clichés, or judgments or hurt somebody’s conscience. God 2.0 is a courageous play that accomplish all this, makes you look into yourself and gives food for thought for the days to come.


God 2.0 will have the last show on 26th August at Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town