If I told you that I could speak to the dead, what would you ask me to find out? What are the winning lottery numbers? Would you want to talk to your long-gone ancestors?  That is exactly what Kate Fox (Seer) considers her ability to do.  This musical piece looks to see if the stars really are in alignment when folk pass onto the next realm with the added medium of music to tap your feet along too.

The Fabulist Fox Sister takes a close look into the life of Kate Fox alongside her good friends Jack Daniels, Ron Bacardi and Jim Beam.  An acknowledged alcoholic with an unwavering, deep and heartfelt love for whiskey, she pertains with her sisters to tell you what you want to hear. After all, don’t we all reach out for a message when we are at our lowest ebb? 

Michael Conley in the titular role is a delight to watch.  He manages to turn his hand from comedic genius to empathy and sympathy in equal measure within a split second.  The magic here is watching Conley transform from a grounded medium to a lonely old soak despite sharing her intuitive skills with her family (‘I did tell a lie’ says youngest sister Maggie) in the knowledge that could she perhaps be swindling those in need of a smidge of comfort in their darkest hour?

I thoroughly enjoyed FFS.  Days later and it is still ruminating in my head.  That is surely the sign of a good run and I wish it had been longer.



Review: Kay Johal