Sleeping Trees once again bring a vibrant, entertaining and witty production; but this time it is to get us into the Christmas spirit, and what a whale of a time it is! This terrific trio playfully narrate their own twist on Moby Dick to deliver fun for all family this December.
Streaming online, this performance is easily accessible and great fun.

Think, virtual pantomime, its most charming moments are those which are interactive.
Sleeping Trees invite us to throw paper at the screen when the baddie appears, build a ship out of furniture with them and even talk whale. After a long and difficult year for many, this is the perfect production to unwind to as a family, or to put on to amuse the children for a full 50 minutes! Between their imaginative multi-rolling and singing, all 3 of the cast are to be applauded for their acting and commitment to this piece of online performance. They set the bar for how a home-filmed production should be, by transforming their home into the perfect set for the story to unravel in; with careful consideration for costume and lighting specifically.

Be sure to check out this production from the comfort of your own home this Christmas. Tickets here


Review: Isabelle Tyner