Alkaline is a dialogue-centered comedy-drama about Sophie (EJ Martin) who invites in her flat her (not so close anymore) friend Sarah (Claire Cartwright) for some drinks and to meet Sarah’s new boyfriend, Ali (Nitin Kundra). Sophie is nervous because Sarah just converted to Islam. And Sophie’s boyfriend Nick (Alan Mahon) is not very helpful, focused on drinking beers and using cocaine.


It is a comedy about London, multiculturalism and prejudice with a touch of politics (Brexit and Trump seem to be everywhere nowadays). Sophie has watched Youtube videos on Islam and she is afraid that Sarah might have been groomed. She has also confused ideas about religions and Islamic culture. So, it is clear since the beginning that the night will not go as planned. And you are forced to be on the edge of your seat to know what will happen, expecting the worst.


The 70 minutes don’t seem enough to give depth to the characters, and the two men's personalities appear undeveloped. But they are enough to give a picture of misery of the life of the couple, and especially the neurotic Sophie. Even if she has a job that she hates, a soon-to-be-husband with drug addiction and who probably does not love her anymore and many misconceptions about life, doesn’t hesitate to throw her silly opinions onto the others.


Alkaline is a play that could bite much more than it does. Still, it is good fun.


Alkaline is at the Park Theatre until 4th August