Declan (Samuel Ranger) is locked in a cell. He does not know why he is there. His routine is broken when Topher (Conor Cook) is locked in the same cell. At first they don’t know if they can trust each other, and they are very reluctant to give to the other information about themselves, but then they try to understand together the situation. Why they are locked together in the same room?


The scenes, the days (or maybe weeks?) change with flashing lights quite disturbing for the eyes (people had to close their eyes every time it happened).


Locked up should be a thriller, but the tension never raises. The actors give it all, and the concept is original, but the plot soon becomes repetitive with a lack of courage and suspense that you would expect from a play like this one.


After 60 minutes where the same ideas seem to go on for too long, the real surprise is the end that is precipitous with a  quite predictable twist (at least for me).


Locked Up is playing Tristan Bates Theatre until the 28 July 2018