Sometimes strange things happen in the world of theatre. Like someone deciding to take one of the most popular musicals, RENT, and make of it an immersive show in the world’s oldest working paper mill. Oh, this “someone” has a name: Dan Cowtan, Director of Vivo d’Arte productions.


RENT is a musical set among a community of artists, drug users and homeless people in New York during the mid-1990s and won a Pulitzer Price too. You all probably know that.


There is so much energy and passion in the cast: Connor Dyer puts his charisma and vitality in the character of the filmmaker, Mark; the extremely talented Aran MacRae is the HIV-positive ex-addict rock musician Roger, who falls in love with Mimi – Lizzie Emery at her stage debut.

Collins (Benjamin Froehlich) and Angel (Andrew Rawlinson-Heat) are spot on, probably my favourite couple of the show.


Casey Bird and Natalie Winsor and both great in the characters of Maureen and Joanne and their conflictual relationship.


Great support of the ensemble, inventive choreography and plenty of interaction (feel free to put your dance shoes on if you want).



The talent of the cast, the so much loved story and excellent use of the lights and spaces – being a promenade show, you will move around the beautiful old paper mill – will make the whole experience a unique one to be remembered.