The Murder Express is an original concept of immersive theatre and dinner by Funicular Productions inspired by the famous Agatha Christie's novel.


The journey starts from the "city" of Murder, France (but of course we are in Pedley Street, London). Before boarding it is possible to enjoy some drinks at the bar.


The wagon is spectacular  and once you are seated the story unfolds with the five actors who mingle and interact with the audience.


The three course menu, created by BBC 2016 Masterchef finalists Billy and Jack, is delicious.


The spicy soup is very tasty, the Butler's steak with pressed potatoes and Savoy cabbage  exquisite and the pudding is the perfect end. A vegetarian option is available.



The story did not have much substance, neither a strong ending. The wagon was hot (although to be fair it was the hottest day of the year so far), but overall it was good fun and we had the pleasure to share the table with two lovely couples and had good conversation.


A different and memorable night if you are looking for a new experience in London.