‘Knock Knock’ is a refreshing exploration of physical theatre. It weaves comedy and poignancy in a well-formed and streamlined plot. 

The way it explores personal and social issues in their simplest form is a credit to Hot Coals Theatre. It’s easy to see the influence of artists like Charlie Chaplain in this respect - breaking down complex problems with humour and physicality. It reveals the deep emotion in the tangle of love, personal welfare and the societal norms in marriage: a complicated topic for such an apparently simplistic performance. 

The set is in a mystical wood and does give a magical and childlike feel through the actors engagement with the props. Combined with the ongoing music, there is never a dull moment. 

It’s great to see a production that also caters to hearing-impaired members in the audience without losing appeal to the wider audience as well. 
‘Knock Knock’ is something to check out if you want a different theatre experience! 


Knock Knock, GBS Theatre, until 7/7/2018


Review by Lachlan Forlong


Image courtesy of Hot Coals Theatre Company