GUY is a new musical with book and lyrics by Leoe Mercer about Guy (Brendan Matthew), who is a gay Londoner looking for the love of his life. Unfortunately, his look does not help – he is overweight – and the dating apps world can be very judgmental. Along the way, he meets all types,  but with the help of his friend Tyler (Steve Banks), and a handsome PT (Adam Braidley), he will be able to connect with Aziz (Sean Miley-Moore). Will it be love?


GUY is a show about modern dating. No doubts that apps like Grindr have been a revolution in meeting new people. Imagine tapping an icon and be able to browse between hundreds of people to choose from, all of them close to you. But finding guys like on a food menu’ does not necessarily mean that the quality of relationships has improved. With a click you can say hi, and with a click you can say bye. It is a fast food of bodies.


GUY is an enthusiastic production with catchy songs but weak dialogues. The story ticks all the stereotype boxes of the current gay scene, and even if they might be sometimes true, there is an overall sense of déjà-vu. It has good moments of genuine laughs and it is interesting to see the dilemmas faced by the gay community. A bravo to Brendan, his character was very believable.



GUY is at The Bunker Theatre until 7th July.