The show tells us about a future (but not so futuristic) where people (the three actors are Isaura Barbé-Brown, Deshaye Gale and Eleri Jones) can have easily delivered at home sex robots. Basically, a sex Deliveroo.

But what happens when the Artificial Intelligence starts asking questions: what is rape? What is consent? Or what happens if we order a robot with the same features of our ex-lover?


This year seems to be the one of the plays about robots. First, Version 2.0 at Leicester square Theatre, then Instructions for Correct assembly at the Royal Court and now this one.


But while the others were trying to tell a story and to make us reflecting about the risks of relying on robots so much, showing different perspectives, Sex with robots and other devices is a series of scenarios that come and go quite rapidly and don’t give enough insight on the characters, on the psychology, the motivations and the emotions. It is confusing in most parts and takes itself too seriously, with little humour.


Of course the future (because this is the future – like it or not) is scaring, unsettling and extremely worrying but especially because the topic is so important, I wish that it would have been explored with more depth, intensity and emotion.


Sex With Robots and Other Devices places at the King’s Head, Islington, from May 15 – June 2.