Soap is a water circus show – a German production -  based on a clever and amusing use of bath tubes, and that is the original bit. There are 6 bath tubes on the stage.

For the rest, you will find the usual circus attractions: acrobatics, clowning, contortion, some dance and music (opera? yes, opera), trapeze and juggling.

The women and the men (the cast is made of 7) are very talented, beautiful, sensual and sexy. Very sexy.

There are comedy moments thanks to a goofy clown – and they really seemed to work well too.

Be careful: if you seat on the front, you will need a poncho! I was in the second row and left the show pretty much wet.


If you love circus and acrobatics, you should see this one, and the bath-tube theme makes it somehow unique. It is good, uplifting and entertaining family show.