An evening of meat is an immersive piece of theatre and dance combined with a 6 course fine dinner.

The concept is to explore female power and strength.


After people are called to enter the room, you can see 5 women laying on the tables, as if they were asleep. Then, the music starts and their performance too.


So, while you eat delicious fine-cuisine food beautifully presented, they dance on the tables showing some abstract movements about power but also vulnerability. They don’t talk, and if somebody of the audience will interact with them, it is going to be only through non verbal communication.


It is an entertaining (and tasty) night, different, unusual and surreal, although I did not catch any narrative neither understood the link between women dancing and performing on tables (watch out your glass of wine!) and the empowerment of female strength.


But if you want to try something unique for one night, don’t miss it.