Susie (Fiona Gent) has been chatting through Internet with an ISIS fighter, Reza. She is “in love” with him and wants to leave everything, her father, her city (Chicago) to go to Syria and join him. When she is arrested the US prosecutor will be Claire Fathi (Paige Round) picked up by the ambitious Scott Bader (Matt Mella) just because she is Muslim. Her lawyer Mark Arenberg (Sam Thorpe-Spinks) will have to do his best to save her in court. Will it be enough?


Selina Fillinger wrote a good play, directed by Prav MJ. A very good one.

The narrative flows perfectly in the 90 minutes of the run. This is because, even if many things are touched – terrorism, religion, sexism, patriotism, race, politics, family, freedom, internet grooming – the play is fast-paced and the humor is used to make it more enjoyable.

It is also very interesting to see how the characters are pictured in their trajectory (especially Susie) but also giving an insight about their past. At the end, aren’t we what we are because of what we have experienced and lived?

The actors do a very good job – although I did not fully understand why most of the lines are told looking to the audience, instead of looking to each other.

There are plenty of things to reflect on, and for me the most worrying is the cyber grooming that is happening more and more – even if we don’t always see it-, and targets the most vulnerable subjects of the society (and Susie is one of them).

Faceless is entertaining, it is deep and moving. Quality solid theatre, for sure.


Photo credit Pete Le May